Skin Care

Skin is the largest human organ and is also our first line of defense from external factors because bacteria, which we can barely see or feel, may build-up while we go about doing our day-to-day activities — from talking on the phone, to holding onto the bus during our commute, to simply interacting with people. This bacteria build-up can cause infection, skin irritations, unpleasant smells and bacterial or other skin infections. Therefore, good personal hygiene is vital to keeping our skin healthy. Skin needs cleansing and enough moisture to create a protective barrier function and this can ultimately be achieved only through good hygiene.


United Beauty Palace has two brands to help you maintain a good skin hygiene — Procare helps in making your family life-ready with safe and clean skin while A21 allows your true beauty to shine through, with beautiful, clean and fragrant skin. Go to Our Products to see the full range and find a product that’s right for you.

Procare Products

Procare Health Soap helps families stay safe, clean and protected from germs, bacteria and bad odor everyday.

A21 Products

A21 Beauty Soap provides you with confidence and helps your true beauty shine through with beautiful, clean and fragrant skin.

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Best -T introduces 3 different toothpastes

Three new Best- T Gel toothpastes launching event was held on 28 September at Sedona Hotel in Yangon, according to United Beauty Palace Myanmar Co.,Ltd.

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