Best-T introduces new gel type toothpastes

Posted 3 years ago

United Beauty Palace Myanmar Co., Limited has launched world-class three different Best-T gel toothpastes on 28 September at Sedona Hotel in Yangon. Staying true to its mission to uplift the lives of Myanmar consumers, United Beauty Palace Myanmar Co.,Ltd formally launches its first – ever product innovation – the all – new, world class Best-T Toothpaste Range, which for United Laboratories, Inc. Division Vice President Mr. Manuel Recto is the Company’s “ most important and most exciting brand ever since its launch in 2014.

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Best -T introduces 3 different toothpastes

Three new Best- T Gel toothpastes launching event was held on 28 September at Sedona Hotel in Yangon, according to United Beauty Palace Myanmar Co.,Ltd.

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